The Best Me

After some contemplation… I’ve finally pinpointed the things I’d like to accomplish.

I recently watched a YouTuber, Anna Akana, explain- very simply- on how she reevaluates her life every year, and creates a bubble map to ensure she is, indeed, being the best her. I will post the video, because not only is she hilarious, and easy to relate to and understand, but I think her message is very important, and is helping me become the best me.

The big things I’d like to focus on:


I want to feel more fulfilled in my family life, and ensure quality time is made for them. I want to be a better mom and a better partner.

*Eating together. My husband and I had created a bad habit of sitting in front of the TV while we eat. Yeah, we’re ‘together’, but we’re not very present. That has changed. We eat at the dining room table now, as a family, every chance we get (which usually is just dinners). The hubby works all week long, leaving at the ass-crack of dawn every morning.. so, we make sure to have dinnner togeter. Also, we’ve started making sure we have a good, hearty breakfast every Sunday morning together. Not a measly bowl of cereal, but a real breakfast. French toast, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon- the works!

*At least once a month, we go out and do something as a family. Away from the house. We have a zoo membership, and often head there. But we can also hit a kiddy pool, a park, hike in the woods, or hit the new gigantic, indoor playground. Something together.

*Less TV. Oh, man.. another bad habit we have- vegging out in front of the television. I’ve already implemented no TV after 9 am (mama needs a little time to wake up in the mornings, and a little PBS Kids helps this transition). But after some cartoons, and a snuggle and popcorn with a movie, TV is off.

*Less phone action. Another extremely bad habit that has formed is my attachment to my phone. So, I log out of Facebook, and my other social media, and when the TV goes off, the phone is put down. This ensures I engage myself more in my little gremlins lives. Because, well, they deserve it. And since I have the opportunity to be there all day to be their Stay at Home Mom, I should actually be there. Not just physically.



Weight Loss

*No dieting- I need a life style change. So, I’m focusing on a Keto-esque based lifestyle. No sugars, low carb, high fat.

*I also don’t want to rely on the handful of recipes I’ve become accustomed to, so I want to learn at least 5 new recipes a month. I will be posting some recipes as well.

*I will be exercising from home 4-5 times per week. Focusing on Arms, Abs, and Legs staggered throughout the week. I’ll be breaking down my work out schedule in posts to come, so stay tuned if that’s something that might interest you. Disclaimer- I am not a ‘high-activity’ gal.. so.. uhh….. if an easier approach to working out is your thing, then this is the blog for you..



Egg Donation

I had the absolute honor 3 years ago, to have the opportunity to donate my eggs. I donated twice, to two different families, and then made the decision to start my own family. But, I loved it. Being able to do that has been one of my best accomplishments, and I desperately would like to have the opportunity again. The issue? Well, currently, I am 15 pounds too heavy… so… that weight loss business needs to happen before this dream can become a reality once again. If this is something that you would like to learn more about, or have been through yourself, keep coming back, because I’ll be posting more about the process and my own experience with it. Then, hopefully soon, the process with begin for me, and I can take you along that journey!



Work In Progress (WIP)

I want to become more involved in my writing, and hopefully turn it more into a career, than the hobby that it is right now.

*Make time to write. Daily. Like a job. Take the time to pull myself away from everything else, and focus on this, because I want to be published. And in order to do that, I know I need to become more serious about this. I’ll be posting snippets, my process, and more things related to my novel.

*Seriously. Just make more time. No excuses. No self pity. Fucking do it.



Self Care

Making time. Making time for me, my interests, and creating better habits.

*Water. Drinking it more. Taking baths. Washing and moisturizing my face and body. Just taking that time to appreciate the cleansing benefits of utilizing water.

*Art. I want to paint something at least once a month. One painting per month for sure. I want to dabble in other mediums, and continue to learn. But also, I want to create other things- sculptures, drawings, jewelry, bath salts, soaps- anything to keep me creative and engaged.

*Keeping a clean home. I find a clean, uncluttered home very calming. I feel better knowing my home is clean (or, at least as clean as it can be with two toddlers). But I also like knowing my husband will come home to a clean house, and that’s one less thing he has to worry about. And, the thought of someone dropping by unexpectedly doesn’t make me want to throw up in my mouth when my house looks decent. So. There’s that too.




I want to focus more time on my animals as well, and introduce you all to them! I’d like to talk about the ones I have had, have now, and the ones I’d like to have. As well as researching. I always try to keep up on the continually changing information to make sure my critters are not just surviving, but thriving, in my home.


There will probably be other things that will come up, and I’d like to talk with you about it. I want to know if you’ve had a similar experience, have information you can educate me with, and just share your stories with me.

Feel free to subscribe and follow me on here, and my other social media, so you can stay up to date with all things going down! Oh, yeah… I should also probably start being better about updating my other social media too………. *ahem*…


Thanks for sticking around! Can’t wait to hear from you!! Here’s to becoming our BEST MEs 🙂

Also, enjoy this video:

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