Not Dead, just… dormant


It’s been a while.

But, I just wanted to assure you.. I’m still alive.

I’ve taken a break from blogging/social media/writing in general for a while. My confidence was absolutely ROCKED when I gave my WIP to some beta readers— and exactly none of them read it. And if they did (if they actually did), offered nothing constructive or otherwise. And the added salt to my already festering, self-inflicted wound.. attempting to book an agent……………… also *sigh* dreadfully unsuccessful.

So, I took time. And grieved in my own subtle way.. mourning the confidence and love that I had for my novel.

However, I’m done feeling sorry for myself, and have just figured I will work on the few things I really don’t like about my book, and try a few different things for the parts I don’t feel are right. Then, instead of trying to rely on people I know, I’m just going to pay someone to be my beta reader! That way, they have to read it, and give me something. Anything. I just need to hear something from an unbiased person who isn’t afraid of “hurting my feelings”. Or whatever.

Will it destroy me if they hate it? Of course it will, this is my brain child. But that will motivate me to make it better. And if they like it, that will give the the wind I need under my shaky wings to carry on, and finally move forward.

I want this WIP to be a published novel. MY published novel.

I’ve only been working on it for over 10 fucking years…… it’s, uhh… yeah, I think it’s time.

I’m also hoping to come onto here more often as well. Take a few minutes a day to say something. Write something.

2018 is the year for changes for me. It HAS to be. Because I’ve spent too many years wishing.

Fuck that! It’s time to do things.

Stay tuned for the things I’m doing to improve my life, if you’d like 🙂 I would love if you did. And let me know what you’re doing in your life! I’ll take all the dang help I can get, I can tell you that much.

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