Writing Prompt (100)

Oh my gawd, we did it. 100 prompts. This is it. The last one.. of this series anyway..

Tell me anything.

Literally anything.

What you did today. About this bully you dealt with in the third grade. What your kid’s favorite inedible thing to eat is. A random short story that’s the pinging around your skull. Anything!

It’s been a fun journey. Thank you for sticking with me, leaving me comments, things to think about, things to listen to, things to try. Thank you for becoming a little part of my little world. Until we meet again 🙂



2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (100)

  1. I’m so proud you made it to 100!!!!

    Today I am getting that pizza ranch dessert.. because of you since we had it yesterday. It was too good not to get it again.

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