2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (81)

  1. Oh, that’s almost too easy. 50 Shades of Gray wins hands down. It’s not that I’m a prude–I cut my teeth on bodice ripper novels that devote countless pages to graphic sexual exploits. It was the writing. No, I’m not criticizing another writer’s talent. Hell, she’s published, after all, and I haven’t ever even tried to go that route. It was just lacked passion and excitement. That damned inner goddess trope almost made me gag. The first and second time I came upon her use of the phrase it was kind of cute. But after the tenth reference to her inner goddess I closed the book.

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    1. I COMPLETELY agree!!! The author was constantly repeating words for phrases. Ugh. I managed to get through the first book, and attempted the second– but again, she used the exact same words and simple phrases..

      Not only that, but it’s an atrocious portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle. And it makes me cringe knowing that THAT’S what people think it is! Just another book glorifying unhealthy relationships.

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