Writing Prompt (78)

Sorry for the delay!!! Due to an INCREDIBLE storm last night, my internet hasn’t been working. But we’re back!

The hubby and I watched the storm on the stoop last night after the kids had finally fallen asleep. The lightning looked like a constant strobe light behind thick clouds, causing a constant rumble of thunder. Sometimes a flash, as a bolt crawled its way from one cloud to another. I finally took off my shoes, lightly tapped my husband, then screamed “TAG, you’re it!” and ran out into the downpour—something I haven’t done since I was a little child. In his socks and jeans, he chased me, and we enjoyed this precious time together until the rain started to die down. Then, soaking wet, we sat on the stoop again, and watched the storm pass. The lightning had slowed to barely brightening a cloud every once in a while, and the thunder was a distant purr.

Share with me one of your favorite memories you have with your significant other.

in the comments below 🙂



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