Writing Prompt (68)

Let’s play a little game… F*ck. Marry. Kill. BATTLE OF THE RYANS EDITION.

Ryan Kwanten. Ryan Gosling. Ryan Reynolds.

Of these three men, who would you f*ck, who would you marry, and who would you kill? And why??

Tough decisions, I know.. but tell me in the comments!! πŸ™‚

*Battle of the Emmas coming soon!



9 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (68)

  1. Really no comments?

    Ryan Kwanten. F*ck
    Ryan Gosling. Kill
    Ryan Reynolds. Marry

    RR is an awesome Dad!
    RW is the avatar of my bff and cause he’s hot.
    RG cause I really don’t care about him.

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  2. You are the most evil person on the planet right now… Ryan and I have a deep connection, so how could I kill him? And Ryan and I have been in love for years, so that wouldn’t be good if I cheated on Ryan with Ryan. But yeah, I’d do ’em all. And by do ’em… well, that’s just obvious. πŸ˜›

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      1. Ok… we’ll find a way to share. But ultimately, isn’t it best to love them from afar for just a little bit… stalking on the side… until they realize what’s going on… then you f*ck them for a weekend… and end up killing them. Let’s you live out all your fantasies… right? Seems like the most logical solution.

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