Writing Prompt (44)

When you were little and asked what you wanted to be, what was it?

Did it become a reality for you? Or was it just a child’s dream?


When I was little, I had grand plans to become a zoo keeper. I had it all planned out- I was going to volunteer at a local animal shelter, job shadow at the veterinary clinic, go to school and get a veterinary degree, volunteer at the Minnesota Zoo, and just get in as much experience as I possibly could, so I could move to Australia and work at Steve Irwin’s zoo, Australia Zoo. I remember doing a report on this for a class, and being more excited and focused about it than anything else up until that point.

And then he died. And my dream did too.

Looking back, it was silly to let this aspiration dwindle to nothingness simply because of someone passing away.. but I just couldn’t see my future there without him in it. My sights turned to becoming a reproduction therapist, and after a year working at a pet shop and realizing that THAT was where I belonged, I wanted to own my own pet store.

Then I met my husband, and becoming a mother became so much more important. I didn’t want anything more than having children. Some day I might still be able to become the pet shop entrepreneur, but until then, I have my Littles to raise. And I wouldn’t change a thing.



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