Writing Prompt (42)

Due to you accidentally saving a strange zoo keepers life, you are allowed to take home one of his creatures. Thing is, however, his zoo is filled with monsters. A mummy. A werewolf. Loch Ness Monster. A vampire. A gigantic spider (the likes of Aragog). The Boogieman. Every monster imaginable. So…

Who do you take home? What might be the drawbacks and benefits of taking that particular creature home?

As per the usual, let me know in the comments below 🙂



5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (42)

  1. UCK! Anything— and I mean ANYTHING—- but the fricken spider!!! EW

    That picture is much too close and high def……………. *douses computer with gasoline*

    But I think I’d really like to take home the werewolf. Honestly, most f the time, she’d (yep, the one I take will be a lady wolf) help with chores, and the babies, and then once a month I’d take her camping with the dogs and we could frolic in the woods and catch some venison.

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