Writing Prompt (38)

You’re born with the exact date and time of your death tattooed on the back on your neck. The only way to know your expiration date is through the use of a mirror, or to ask someone.

Would you want to know?

Would you want to know the date of your lover? Of your children? Or do you feel that it would be better to not know? Why or why not?



10 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (38)

  1. Angry and conflicted I carry the date of my death in a choker. Covering the tattoo so no one brings it up. I looked unable to resist the urge. I have no desire to know any other dates. Especially because I have one week left to live.

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          1. You’ve got a deal. I’ll add this story to my list. Maybe I will find some way to link it back to your blog and prompts. Depends on what I make it into. ^_^

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