Writing Prompt (36)

Today’s is coming a bit late (technically still today though!), but I’m very hungry, and lazy.. so… tell me:

What is your favorite fast food and what do you order there?

Do you order the same thing every time, or do you switch it up and try new things? Maybe you don’t eat fast food at all, and that’s okay, but it’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures 🙂

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (36)

  1. My favorite fast food is alcapurrias de yuca, they are beef stuffed yuca fritters. Usually Caribbean Spanish shops will have them available on demand. On a alcapurria day you must traverse through a bodega or supermarket amidst the smells of incense and meat. Latin music blasting while you quest for the savory morsel. Only to find the line full on the weekend. Fast, ready, but so far away.

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