Writing Prompt (35)

I would like to add different songs to my playlist (that has been pretty much the same for years now…), so tell me:

What is your favorite song?

How long has it been your favorite, and why did it become your favorite in the first place?

Mine is 3 Libras by A perfect Circle. Has been my favorite song ever since the first time it came over my Pandora radio station (4 years ago), and it still gives me chills. At the time, I was crushing over a boy who was crushing over my best friend (TRAGIC, I know), but it resonated with me, and then grew into something deeper and more special for me.



6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (35)

    1. They really are!!! There are some decent ones out there though 😉

      But you should look it up on YouTube, it’s a really great song. There’s a string quartet cover of it too—- so good!!!!


    1. Definitely a GREAT add to the playlist!! Thank you!
      Also, good for you!! I, personally, wouldn’t be able to handle multiple partners (one is enough work lol), but I’m also crazy territorial. It takes such a special person to be able to love more than one person, as well as let other people love who they love.


  1. My favourite song changes with my mood and the wind, but as an aged hippy John Sebastian’s She’s a Lady always resonates.
    For something different, with just about the best video ever, try this:

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