Writing Prompt (29)

Obsessing about obsessions… so I gotta know:

What is something that you could watch/stare at all day?

Oh, me? FOOD. I love watching anything to do with food. I’ll watch the cooking channel all dang day, cook, then pop on Facebook and still drool over pictures of food. I love learning and trying new recipes. I love watching people travel the world and trying new foods. Seriously, if it has to do with food, I’ll be there- glued.

What about you? Maybe it’s bird watching? Anything about cars? Gardening? Quilting? Antiquing? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (29)

  1. In the real world I have an addiction to safaris and I could sit out there all day just watching Africa happen. At home, either Nat Geo or the Discovery Channel. For hours

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