Writing Prompt (28)

Habits. The good, the bad, and the weird. I wanna know:

What habits do you have?

Chew your nails, have to sleep with one foot out of the bed covers, can’t have any of your food touching, or maybe you have to wear orange on the third Tuesday of every month? Let me know some of your habits in the comments!!

I use to chew my nails, to the point where my fingers bled. I, luckily, was able to break that habit, but I’m definitely not without them. Especially when I sleep… there needs to be a fan or heater running, I have to sleep on my belly, but with a pillow between my legs. There has to be a blanket covering my ear, and my body has to be touching the sheets. I can’t have a blanket between my skin and the sheets. My hair has to be in a pony tail too. Yes, it’s complicated, and annoying, but, that’s just where I’m at these days hahaha seriously, it’s ridiculous..

What about you?



4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (28)

        1. I really like that!

          I read somewhere that each day you should write down 3 obtainable tasks, and get them done before the day ends. I think I may have to adopt your habit and that will just be one accomplishment for the day 🙂

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