Writing Prompt (25)

Day 25!!! We’re already a quarter of the way through my 100 days of prompts!

This one may be a little tricky to answer, but I’m excited to see what you guys come up with..

Describe the color red to someone who is colorblind.


As per the usual, let me know your answer in the comments! 🙂



11 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (25)

  1. Red is hot like fire, each shade having the nuances of berries, cherry, strawberry, raspberry. It can be rough like bricks on the house . Red feels like that first moment of embarrassment when all you want to do is hide or that first flash of danger when your feet slip under you and you are about to fall – that moment of panic you have trying to catch yourself.

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  2. Red is warm and deep, like a big pot of spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove. Red can be bright, like the first bite of a fresh strawberry or dark, like velvet. Red is sometimes hot like touching a car that’s been sitting in the sun. And it can be abrupt like walking into a bench.

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