Writing Prompt (21)

Today is going to be the BEST day of your life:

What happens from the moment you wake up to the moment to go back to bed?


I’m very excited to read what makes you guys happy. Let me know in the comments below!!



One thought on “Writing Prompt (21)

  1. My day starts by sleeping in, until my body can no longer sleep any more. Then I just lay there, in my insanely soft bed until I can no longer just lay there any longer. I go downstairs to be greeted with kisses and hugs and smiles from my boys, and hubby gives me a cup of coffee (with the perfect amount of milk and sugar). Outside is cloudy, with a thunderstorm looming in the air. I make everyone a lovely breakfast of french toast, bacon, and hash-browns. Then, we push all of the furniture out of the way, and hang sheets from the ceiling to create a fort. It’s lined with pillows and blankets, and we all color pictures, eat cookies, play board games, and just spend all day together. We have take-out for lunch, Chinese food. Supper is steak Gorgonzola Alfredo (my FAVORITE dish to make and eat). The power gets knocked out, but we’ve already lit the candles, and watch the lightening through the window. Later in the evening, the power is back, and we eat kettle corn, drink hot chocolate, and snuggle on the couch while we watch a movie. We fall asleep in our fort, arm in arm.

    This answer has definitely changed since having children, but I think it would be absolutely incredible.

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