Writing Prompt (16)

My favorite movie since it came out has been The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). I have the likeness of Jack Skellington tattooed on me, and it’s my favorite tattoo. I’ve been waiting oh so patiently to unleash it in all its glory onto my children, and today was that day!!! Muhahahahahaaa!!! My toddler seems to like it, but my infant is more interested in his hand.. in due time, he will grow to love it. But, this got me thinking:

What was your favorite movie growing up and why? Do you still love it?


I love NBC because Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it’s dark, and twisted, and has catchy music. Jack always reminds me to stay curious, and open-minded. Research and experiment. Sing while you’re doing it! I love Jack so much that my husband let me name one of our children after him (that man loves me so much haha)! And our nursery is, yes, you guessed it, NBC themed. And NBC paraphernalia is sprinkled all over the house. I legitimately cannot get enough of this movie still. Don’t judge me, monkey.

Let me know your answer in the comments below 🙂


Thank you Imdb and Disney for the gorgeous picture of my fictional boyfriend, Jack.



7 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (16)

  1. The Wizard of Oz was my favorite. Back in the days before VCRs and OnDemand it only came on once a year. I watched for it to pop up on the tv listings and then worried myself silly if something threatened to interfere with my getting to watch it. If I missed it I would have to wait an entire twelve months! That’s a big chunk of your life when you’re six.

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    1. I legitimately love your answers. Every time. I just watched the Wizard of Oz recently, and couldn’t believe all the quotes that people still use– “I’m melting!” “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” “There’s no place like home.” And I’m short, so my husband likes to sing the lollipop guild song to me… because he secretly hates me, I’m fairly certain haha

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  2. Ok I don’t want to be a copycat but……. The Nightmare Before Christmas is my absolute favorite!! I got my stepdaughter into it about 4 years ago and now my 9month old loves the movie! We have a giant Jack hanging in the living room and she talks to it all the time and has several stuffed Jack’s that she loves to snuggle!!!

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