Writing Prompt (9)

So, if expenses, or fear for your general well-being wasn’t an issue…

What animal would you love to have for a pet?

Explain what its room would look like. Would it sleep with you? What would you feed it? What’s its name?


My answer is in the comments below, exactly where I’d love to hear your’s.



3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (9)

  1. I want a snow leopard so badly it hURTS MY HEART!!! I would feed it everything I’m eating.. and probably a hundred pounds of meat. It would sleep with me, and its name would be cricket and it would be mine. They are majestic AF, and fluffy. Anybody who doesn’t want to snuggle that face doesn’t have a heart. Pretty sure.


  2. I of course would want a lion. I would feed it squirrels and crows *wink. Yes of course it would sleep with me is that even a question?? I wouldn’t be able to come up with a name till I saw him, and yes a him because of course males have those beautiful manes. Now I’m excited, and sad I can’t really have one.

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