Writing Prompt (7)

Are you ever there, just minding your own business, and then a scent, or a song sends you into a vivid memory? Like, you catch the scent of an orange, and you remember this one time, you and your grandmother sitting at the kitchen table, helping her peel oranges, talking about how she met grandpa when she was twenty-three. Or a song pops onto the radio, and you’re sent back to that day that you and your best friend spent the last 4 hours just aimlessly driving around, and happened to put that song on repeat nineteen times to scream it at the tops of your lungs. Or maybe there’s this mundane thing you do, like brushing your teeth, but every time you do it, you remember this one time this one asshole told you how you were doing it wrong… and now that’s all you can think about every time you do this task.

Tell me a memory that gets triggered by a seemingly insignificant thing.  




One thought on “Writing Prompt (7)

  1. Whenever I hear the song “Maps” by Maroon 5 it brings me back to my first month of work, and reminds me of summer and the exciting feeling I had about having a job, but also annoys me because it played a million times on that stupid tv over and over again.

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