Writing Prompt (5)

Think of your favorite movie. Or maybe your favorite comic. Perhaps ponder your most loved television show. Think of the characters that make this thing so great.. Is he funny? Does she have special powers? Is it a cartoon? Is it even human? Does your favorite show even have to do with the writing prompt???

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose to be, and why? 

Let me know in the comments where I’ll be posting my answer as well. Don’t forget to follow me (on here, and my other social media) to keep updated on not only my writing prompts, but also yummy recipes, and random randomness in the realm of randomosity. Wouldn’t wanna miss that 😉


By the way, that gorgeous picture of my lady crush is brought to you by the very talented David Leyes.



2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (5)

  1. Besides the fact that Ksenia Solo is beyond fucking gorgeous (black hair, blue eyes— my GAWD, I’d do terrible terrible things for that..), but her character in the show Lost Girl…. *drool*
    She dresses to kill, her hair is always different and fabulous, she is confident, and absolutely hilarious. Am I the only one that watched that show for the side kick and not the main character?? Anywho, Kenzi from Lost girl is the character I would want to be if I could. In. A. Heartbeat!


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