Writing Prompt (4)

As you may know, my book has heavy zodiac influence. So, here’s my question for you to answer in the comments below:

If you could choose which Zodiac would represent you, what would it be? Or would you keep what you are?

This isn’t about astrology being hooey, and let’s not get into our fallen planet Pluto *sad face*. I just want your opinion on your Zodiac itself.

BONUS QUESTION: Every Zodiac in my book has their own special power (ooOOooOOo), so what do you think your Zodiac’s special power would be??

Let me know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (4)

  1. I love being a Gemini. Mostly because whenever I’m scrolling through Facebook and see something about geminis I always relate to them.
    If I had to have a special power I think being able to teleport would be so amazing, like today I feel like seeing Paris, or the mountains, or the ocean.. you could see the world without spending a dime.

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