Writing Prompt (3)

I just finished watching La La Land, and it was brilliant, and I loved it, and I only cried a little… Also, I recently watched Crazy, Stupid, Love for the umpteenth time… and this got me thinking.

I know Ryan Gosling is with Eva, and they have babies, but DAMNIT I wish he was with Emma Stone so bad it hurts my heart!!! They have this phenomenal chemistry on screen, and , yes, I know they’re actors, but there’s no way they can’t have that connection off screen. At least that’s what I choose to believe. Do you agree?

What celebrity couple do you wish were together in real life? Why?



2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt (3)

  1. This is a very accurate post. If I had to chose a celebrity couple on screen to be together I honestly would have to say Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as well.

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