Finally, some direction!

After much thought (and Googling), I’ve figured out how these bloggy thingies work. Mostly. Sort of. Enough-ish. And, damnit, I want this to work, so I’m hopping on this wagon and hanging on for dear life.

I watched this comedian once, Neal Brennan, and he had done something that I’d never seen before. He had three mics on stage: one for one-liners, one for traditional stand-up, and the third for emotional stuff. I loved the concept, his stories, and jokes. Highly recommend if you haven’t already been exposed to him (I’ve made it easy, check below. You’re welcome.)

Anyway, in an attempt to figure out how one starts a blog, keeps a blog interesting, and finding people who are willing to interact and follow you, I’ve decided to adopt his concept. So far, the three things I’m going to blog about are:

AuthorsThoughts- introspection, book related stuff, ect..

Recipes- because I fucking love food, and eating, and cooking, and I want to. Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with my book, or being an author. I know. But I do what I want. And I want more recipes from others..

WritingPrompts- I like keeping the creative juices flowing, and I love reading the stories other people come up with on the same topic. I think it’ll be a fun little exercise for us to bond over. Awwwww..

MY BLOG IS NOT LIMITED TO THESE THREE THINGS. Nor do I want it to be. So, tell me, what else would you like to read or talk about in my blogs? Let me know in the comments below.

And be sure to follow me to stay updated on the latest content 🙂

Just a clip, but seriously, check him out.

One thought on “Finally, some direction!

  1. Hey AL, I’ve noticed your visit over at my little corner of the internet and i thought I’d come and see who is clicking through my virtual home. 😊
    This is a great idea and I might have some helpful advice for you: daily prompts. WordPress offers daily prompts to help bloggers fing each other and connect to one another. You can participate and after you’ve come up with something related to that prompt you can tag you post with the tag “daily prompt” and link to your post in the comments below the original prompt. I would leave you a link to the prompt page, however I am writing this on my smartphone and you know how it is with those things… anyways, I thought this would could help you find more likeminded bloggers. I’m sure if you ask google, you’ll find the WordPress daily prompt in no time.

    Welcome to the blogosphere and happy blogging,

    Prospermind. 🙂


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