Write what you know

When writing Raven Cries, I had a difficult time trying not to make every character an aspect of me. I don’t know anyone better than I know myself, so that just made writing easier… but it wasn’t right. This wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t challenging. So, I drew from people I had in my life. Nearly everyone in the book is based from someone I know or knew. Not exactly, mind you, but maybe the way they look, or talk, or perhaps how they treated me. A piece of them will forever be in my book, as a piece of me will be too. Whether I still talk with them, or even still like them, a piece of us will be within the bindings forever. And I think that’s kind of beautiful.

I wonder if the people who sparked my characters into life will read it. And if they do, will they know? Will they like their character?

I wonder if I’ve sparked a character in someone’s work… would I like that character?

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