So far, I’ve sent out six query letters to potential agents. And so far, I’ve received two rejections. It’s normal, only slightly crushing, and that just means it wasn’t a good fit for them… right?

All my life I’ve had a terrible habit of letting the negative thoughts creep in and rattle my brain for far much longer than I should ever let them. I know this. I know I’m letting it happen. I know it’s stupid, but gawdDAMN if I can get them to fuck off.

What if I have this great idea for a novel, but I’m not the writer that should be writing it? That’s it. That’s what is spinning through my head right now, and it makes my heart ache.

They have found it interesting, but neither felt passionate for it. Perhaps I need to work on my query letter..

Well, I’ve created a folder in my email titled “they’ll be sorry”, and that’s where I’ll nestle these letters of rejection. And, yes, that does make me feel a little better.

Here’s hoping for the next one.

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